The 23rd International Glycoconjugate Symposium (GLYCO XXIII), gathering all persons interested in any field of Glycoconjugates and Glycobiology was held in Split, Croatia, September 15-20, 2015.

At Glyco XXIII the emphasis was on the progress in the areas of glycoscience covering methods and technologies needed to synthesize, analyze and manipulate glycans which enable the glycoscience to reach out to other disciplines and provide them with tools to deepen our understanding of the world around us. In addition to “classical sessions”, a number of sessions and speakers focused on the role of glycans in different diseases and cellular processes was included. Next to the already traditional guest session of the Society for Glycobiology, this conference has also hosted a guest session of the Asian Community for Glycoscience and Glycobiotechnology and the Young Glycoscientists’ Symposium. A pre-symposium training course “Introduction to Glycoscience” with introductory lectures by leading experts in the field was also introduced. These lectures were aimed to help our young colleagues, but also experienced researchers from other disciplines, to better understand the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of glycoscience.

Glyco XXII

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Continuing the tradition of the recent landmark meetings held in Florence, Cairns, Puerto Rico, and Vienna, the GLYCO XXII has focused on the progress and key future challenges of glycoscience. The 22nd International Glycoconjugate Symposium (GLYCO XXII), gathering all persons interested in any field of Glycoconjugates and Glycobiology was held in Dalian, China, June 23-28, 2013.

The theme of this symposium was: Progress, Challenges and Solutions.

Glyco XXI

In August 2011 Vienna welcomed 526 participants from 35 countries at Glyco21, the “21st International symposium on glycoconjugates”.

Including the IGO award lecture, delivered by the Awardee, Jeffrey ESKO, 14 plenary lectures were presented. The Scientific Program Committee organized 24 sessions and 8 workshops (the latter supported by the Euroglycoscience Forum). The “Young Glycobiologists´ Symposium” was a new element to the biannual conference series. 270 posters were displayed throughout our symposium.

A specific highlight was the presentation of the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Arts 1st Class to Harry SCHACHTER to honor his achievements in the field of glycobiology and for the development of glycobiological research in Austria.

Very sadly, we had to pay tributes to four giants in our field, who had passed away since Glyco 20: Jean MONTREUIL, Nathan SHARON, Saul ROSEMAN, and Christian RAETZ.

Despite the heat wave that struck Vienna during this week, the spirit of the participants was high: it couldn't have been better.

Previously held Glyco meetings

A list of previously held Glyco meetings can be found below.

GLYCO I (1964, Swampscott, USA; late Professor Roger Jeanloz)
GLYCO II (1973, Lille, France; by late Professor Jean Montreuil)
GLYCO III (1975, Brighton, UK; Professor Colin Hughes)
GLYCO IV (1977, Woods Hole, USA; Professors John Gregory and Lennart Roden Co-chaired the meeting)
GLYCO V (1979, Kiel, West Germany; Professor Roland Schauer)
GLYCO VI (1981, Tokyo, Japan; Professor Tamio Yamakawa)
GLYCO VII (1983, Ronneby, Sweden; by late Professor Bengt Lindberg)
GLYCO VIII (1985, Houston, USA; Professor William J. Lennarz)
GLYCO IX (1987, Lille, France; by late Professor Jean Montreuil)
GLYCO X (1989, Jerusalem, Israel; by late Professor Nathan Sharon)
GLYCO XI (1991, Toronto, Canada; Professor Harry Schachter)
GLYCO XII (1993, Kraków, Poland; Professor Jerzy Koscielak)
GLYCO XIII (1995, Seattle, USA; Professor Sen-itiroh Hakomori)
GLYCO XIV (1997, Zurich, Switzerland; Professor Jürgen Roth)
GLYCO XV (1999, Tokyo, Japan; Professor Akira Kobata)
GLYCO XVI (2001, Utrecht, The Netherlands; Professor Hans Vliegenthart)
GLYCO XVII (2003, Bangalore, India; Professor Avadesha Surolia)
GLYCO XVIII (2005, Florence, Italy; Professor Guido Tettamanti)
GLYCO XIX (2007, Cairns, Australia; Professor Paul Gleeson)
GLYCO XX (2009, Puerto Rico; Professor Dipak Banerjee)
GLYCO XXI (2011, Vienna, Austia; Professor Leo März)